Manson Secures Supply of Coal

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Jan. 12, 1903

Manson Secures Supply of Coal

Ilinois Central Railroad Sets Aside Six Cars Expressly for Town’s Use

In Answer to Petition

Cars are Being Loaded in Central Yards Here. Unique Move on Part of Manson

A somewhat unusual concession has been made by the Illinois Central railroad company to the town of Manson. Six cars are now in the Illinois Central yards, to be loaded with coal to be devoted exclusively to supplying the wants of the people in and around Manson. Two of the cars are already loaded and it is expected that more will soon be in readiness.

This action was taken by the Central, in response to a petition from the town of Manson, asking that they be granted this favor. It is not known that any special coal stringency exists at Manson, but this action was taken by the citizens to ensure a good-sized supply being kept on hand.

“Six cars won’t be much in Manson tho,” said a Fort Dodge coal dealer, in speaking of the situation th is morning. “Manson supplies a territory of many miles in extent and those cars will just evaporate as soon as they get on the Manson side track. The action taken in petitioning the railroad company was certainly rather unusual but it had produced good results, and the contents of those cars will fill a good many empty coal bins. Those cars to be shipped to Manson; and no where else. Those are the instructions of the railroad company.”


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