Fort Dodger Invents

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Jan. 14, 1907

Fort Dodger Invents

Ernest Green Has Automatic Equipment to Close Switches

Ernest Green, a former Fort Dodge young man, is the inventor of a railroad device that promises to come into general use on all traffic lines. It is believed that no little fame is in store for its inventor. Regarding a test of the appliance recently made the Buffalo Express has the following:

“Ernest Green’s device for automatically closing an open switch before an oncoming train was recently tested with great success on the Lake Shore at Silver Creek where Mr. Green lives.

“Freight locomotive No. 5830 was used in the tests and was run over the portion of the track equipped at speeds that varied from 25 to 55 miles an hour. Roadmaster Connors and other officials who witness the test say the device worked perfectly and promptly.

“It appears to be a very simple and inexpensive equipment. It makes it possible for a train to take an open switch. A switch left open carelessly or by design closes automatically in front of the train.”

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