Evidence of Attempted Crime

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Jan. 15, 1903

Evidence of Attempted Crime

Kit of Burglar’s Tools Found in Clare Stock Yards

Additional Proof of Plot.

Seems Likely That an Attempt to Rob Clare Bank Was Planned.

The fact has already been recorded in The Messenger that on Tuesday morning several sticks of dynamite were found on the steps outside the Bank of Clare, and the supposition seemed plausible that an attempt to rob the bank had been planned and perhaps would have been successfully executed but for some unknown happening that frightened the would-be burglars and caused them to abandon their conspiracy in a panic of fear.

This morning Mr. Con Griffin found a package in the Clare stockyards w hich on being opened disclosed a kit of tools such as safe blowers would probably carry. There was also a bottle of liquid substance supposed to be nitroglycerine and a piece of soap.

The stockholders of the bank have reason to feel glad over the outcome and no doubt would not object to giving a substantial sum to the person who caused the band of safe blowers to flee so hastily, even though the fact that such an attempt was being planned was not dreamed of. There is absolutely no clue other than the circumstantial evidence easily conjectured from the few facts as stated.

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