Children Rescue Little Playmate

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Jan. 25, 1904

Children Rescue Little Playmate

Boy Plunges Into an Air Hold And is Helped Out by Companions.

Brave Act of a Little Girl

Who Helps Form Human Chain – Boy Slides Over Ice and Into The Hole.

What might have been a serious accident, was averted Saturday by the presence of mind exercised by little Beuhla Newsom, who in company with several other children were sliding from the bank of the river out onto the ice. One of the party was a little boy whose name is Scherff and who had discovered a large air hole in the ice and was playing near it. He would slide nearly to it on his sled and then drop off and let the sled and then drop off and let the sled go into the hole and float across to the other side, when he would go around and fish it out.

This worked successfully a few times but on one occasion he forgot to get off in time to prevent being carried into the  hole. The current is swift at this place and threatened to carry the child under the ice, but his little companions came to his rescue and hauled him out of the icy water, nearly exhausted and thoroughly soaked with the cold water.

Little Beula Newsom, who is only thirteen yars (sic) old, lay on the ice next to the hole while her companions held her by the feet to prevent her slipping into the water. She grasped the boy by the hands and after some effort, landed him safely on the ice. Half frozen, with the water dripping from his clothing and turning to ice, the badly frightened youngster was hurried home and now promise to suffer but little from his narrow escape.

The incident was one of the few that have occurred on the river this winter. The children showed presence of mind, creditable to older heads, wh ile the action of little Beula Newsom was in itself heroic.

(Editor’s note: I posted the spelling of Beula Newsom’s name as it was in each case. I’m still not sure of the correct spelling, but if a family member has any proof, I will add it to this note.)

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