Andrew Coin Charged With Minor Theft

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Jan. 2, 1903

Andrew Coin Charged With Minor Theft

Alleged That He Took Part in Stealing Salvation Army Bank From the Duncombe House.

Charged with participation in the theft of a Salvation Army bank, containing about $4, from the Duncombe house, some three or four months ago, Andrew Coin was taken into custody by the police Thursday morning, but the hearing was postponed till three o’clock this afternoon.

Coin has been out of the city since the time when, it is alleged, he took part in the theft of the money box, which was one of the little tin banks which are placed at vari0us points around the city to gather funds for the use of the Salvation Army in its work.

Herb Conlee was arrested, charged with participating with the theft, soon after it occurred. He was later discharged by the grand jury.

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