Public Schools Show Increase

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The Fort Dodge Daily Chronicle: Sept. 7, 1910

Public Schools Show Increase

Enrollment For This Year Shows a Gain of One Hundred and Twenty-Two Over Last Year.

The enrollment in the public schools of the city for this year is one hundred and twenty-two m ore than that of last year. In the High School there are eight more than last year which does not seem a small number when one considers the fact that the Freshman class this year is not a large one as compared with that of previous years and that the increase is due to new arrivals from other schools.

The enrollment at the High School is two hundred and fifty-one at the present date, four pupils entering since the opening of school.  The Lincoln, which has four hundred and fourteen, has much the largest enrollment being more centrally located. The Wahkonsa has three hundred and twenty-five and the Arey three hundred. There are two hundred and eighty-eight enrolled at the Riverside and one hundred and thirty-three at the Butler school. The First Ward school has eighty-one and the Pottery but thirty-one. The total for this year is 1832 while that for last year was 1710, giving the gain of one hundred and twenty-two for this year.


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