New Auto on the Market

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Sept. 28, 1906

New Auto on the Market

International Harvest Co. Making and Selling Autos

The International Harvest Company has entered the automobile field and is now making a very low priced automobile. The design of the machine is very unusual for an automobile but it is said to be good looking. It has the appearance of an ordinary one seated buggy with wooden wheels and hard rubber tires with the motor under the seat and the radiator in front of the dashboard. The engine is rated at eight horse power and has been found to go thru mud which others autos could not go thru. The price has been fixed at between two and three hundred and dollars and a strong sale is already being felt. One has been ordered by a local party while a Sac City businessman has ordered one. It is expected that later the company will start to manufacture surreys. This vehicle will be very popular with the farmers, many of whom are now using gasoline engines on their farms.


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