Garbage Bidders Use the Knife

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The Fort Dodge Daily Chronicle: Sept. 7, 1910

Garbage Bidders Use the Knife

If City is Unwilling to Pay $1,800 Per Year They Will Do the Work for One-Sixth That Price.

During the meeting of the city council a week ago an effort was made to let the contract for the gathering of garbage in the city, two bids being presented, one for $1,500 per year and the other at $1,800. Both were rejected by the city council and Councilman Smith who had the matter in charge was instructed to readvertise for bids, the bids to be opened at the first meeting in September.

Between the rejection of their bids and the time set for the opening of the new one the garbag (sic) bidder experienced a burst of philanthropy, and decided that if the city was unwilling to pay $1,800 a year for the work they were willing to take the same at one-sixth that amount, one of the bids being made at the rate of $150 per wagon per year. The matter was referred to Councilman Smith and it is probably the contract will be let at a future date.

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