Fall Hats Will Not Be Extreme

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Sept. 18, 1905

Fall Hats Will Not Be Extreme

So Says Local Milliner Who Has Recently Returned From Trip to Chicago.

The fall hats are not to be extreme this season. This is the comforting statement made by a Fort Dodge milliner who has recently returned from the Milliners’ convention in Chicago.

“We won’t have anything extreme here this fall, though the tendency in the east is to go to extremes,” said one of the local hat-makers to a reporter this morning. “The hats this fall and winter will be neat and the colors in them will be the neatest we have had for a number of years. The Alice blue, which was the color of Miss Roosevelt’s inaugural ball dress, will be a popular shade, also the olive greens, the pearl grays and the peacock blues, in a variety of shapes and styles. We moderate our styles here as the women don’t dress as gay here as they do in Paris, where the gay colors originate. There the peacock blue will be popular and brilliant hues will be the rule. Of course, there are many American women, who with their good taste and discrimination can be trusted to choose from among the bright colors something that will become them, but many will have to be careful.

“There are many new features in shapes. An effort will be made to keep the small hat in vogue, but it will only prove popular for street and suit wear. Being so severely staid in style and small in outlines, it gives no space for plumes and colorings. Though the picture hats are not suitable for ordinary street wear, they will be quite the proper thing for dress occasions.

“Shapes will run from the close fitting walking hat to the voluminously draped picture hat. A very popular shape will be the turban, made of cloth to match the suit, fur or velvet with breast effects, a pretty shade or which is that Alice blue.

“Then we have the ‘Roosevelt’ hat, which is broad brimmed,” said this milliner, taking down a hat of fine material, resembling very much the headpiece which Col. Roosevelt wore at San Juan hill. It is white with a blue band and about every other shade of the rainbow. “We have the continentals, the polo hats, the French roll backs, and many other beautiful shapes, which will be sold at up to date millinery stores.”

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