A Good Chance to Make Money

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Sept. 15, 1905

A Good Chance to Make Money

Fort Dodge Needs More Down Town Apartment Houses Local Man Talks.

Traveling Men Would Rent

Would Make This City Their Headquarters if They Could Get Apartments down Town – Like Flats Better than Renting Houses.

There is a good opening in Fort Dodge for a wide-awake business man said a citizen of the city to a Messenger reporter this morning. The opening is in building apartment houses. Fort Dodge is the only city of its size in the state that has not a large number of these buildings.

I have had any number of traveling men tell me that they would make Fort Dodge their permanent place of residence if they could secure a flat in an apartment building near the main part of the city, where they, with their families could live. Of course we have a few of these houses, but I think that there is room for about twice as many. There are plenty of forty dollar houses that these men can rent, but a travelling (sic) man and his wife do not care to go into a large house, where the family is small, and the husband is away a great deal of the time.

Other Towns Have Them.

Other business men are alive to this situation and you can’t drive through the towns of the state without being struck by the large number of apartment houses and all occupied. They have provided a good business proposition. Here is a chance in Fort Dodge for some keen business man to build several of these buildings and make money. The traveling men like Fort Dodge and would make their headquarters h ere if they could get just the kind of places to live in that they want. This is one thing that beyond all doubt, Fort Dodge business men should wake up to.


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