A Boys Orchestra Attracts Attention

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Sept. 12, 1904

A Boys Orchestra Attracts Attention

Four Boys, Youngest Nine Years, Eldest Fourteen Years of Age Play Here.

Are Youthful Professionals

Youngest Lad With Long Flaxen Curls is Center of all Eyes – The Boys Support Their Father And Themselves by their Musical Ability.

Four young boys whose ages range from nine to fourteen yars (sic) attracted much mention on the streets last week. They made up an orchestra composed of two violins, a cello and a clarinet. The youngest had long flaxen curls and looked several years younger than he is. The lads have been playing in the large cities of the United States for three  years. Their father accompanies them, but does not appear upon the streets with them. It was because of their youth and their exceptional musical abilities that the boys attracted attention.

All wore knee pants and each appears younger than his years. They are an independent set of boys and pay little, if any atention (sic), to their father, except to consult him upon matters of business. Asked as to where his father was, the flaxen haired youngster replied, “At the hotel, I s’pose.”

The boys reside in Nebraska. Their father’s name is Hullenberg. From both their parents the boys inherit musical ability. The elder of them has had advantages in a musical academy but all four of them are excellent players. Of course the youngest lad attracts the most attention. He plays the cello and as he stands up beside it lacks half a foot of coming up to the top of it. With his beautiful hair tumbling about his shoulders he is the center of all eyes while playing on the sreets (sic). He is a pretty boy and plays easily and with no seeming effort. While in Des Moines recently this orchestra received favorable mention for their street playing. Seldom do the boys play for dances. It keeps them out too late, said the elder of them. Last night, however, they broke the rule by playing for an informal dance at the Maccabee hall. The boys have played in most of the larger towns in Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and the middle states. They are on the road practically all the year and support their father who goes with them and takes life easy.

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