Women Thrown Into Street

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: July 13, 1904

Women Thrown Into Street

Mrs. Herman Rose and Mother in a Runaway.

Horse Became Frightened at an Automobile and Upsets Buggy Throw in (sic) Out Occupants.

The third accident which has occurred during the past week as a result of a horse becoming frightened at an automobile, took place Monday night at the corner of Twelfth street and Second avenue south, when Mrs. Herman Rose and mother, Mrs. Nedderman, while driving, were thrown from the carriage to the street. While not seriously injured they were all badly bruised. Mrs. Rose has a bruised elbow and shoulder and Mrs. Nedderman’s face and shoulders are lacerated. The horse also received several cuts.

When the auto, which is owned by Mrs. Johanna Hyde, first loomed up, the horse at once began to rear. Mrs. Hyde slowed up the machine which caused it to emit a grinding noise which so badly frightened the animal that it leaped across the curbing, upsetting the buggy and throwing the occupants intot he street. Considering its age, the escape of the babe is miraculous. Fortunately passers by quickly picked up the injured people and stopped the horse before it had gone far enough to do further harm.

(Editor’s note: I have to confess, this account leaves me puzzled. In the last paragraph, this sentence: “Considering its age, the escape of the babe is miraculous” seems to come out of nowhere. What babe? Was there a child in the buggy? It is the only reference to anyone other than Mrs. Rose and Mrs. Nedderman in the carriage.)

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