An Impromptu Bull Fight

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: July 2, 1906

An Impromptu Bull Fight

Residents of the River Flats Frightened by Enraged Animal – Fortunately no one Injured.

A call for police to care for a maddened bull was sent into the city hall on Saturday afternoon by people residing along the river flats near the lower bridge over the Des Moines river. The call was responded to at once and for more than (an) hour two policemen and a half dozen men struggled with the enraged animal, in forcing it along the distance of a block to some stock sheds in the Illinois Central yards.

The bull was the property of C.O. Humbert, a stock buyer residing in the city. It, together with a large herd of animals, was being driven into the city from the west, when on reaching the rver (sic) flats it became maddened by the heat and exertion of the long trip and became unmanageable. Fear that it would riot the whole herd was entertained, at first, but it was finally separated from thema nd left in charge of one of the drivers, whom it attacked.

He was given assistance by several men working in the neighborhood, who managed to keep the animal from injuring or killing anyone, by long ropes fastened about its neck and held tight in several directions.

Finally when the poice (sic) arrived an effort was made to take it to the Illinois Central stock yards, where the remainder of the herd had been safely quartered, was made. The bull became more and more vicious, and only after an hour’s hard work was the trip across the tracks to the stockyards accomplished.

The bull was one of a large number which Mr. Humbert purchased several days ago from a farmer residing near Clare by the name of Schultz.

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