Will Build a New Church

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: April 14, 1904

Will Build a New Church

Swedish Lutherans of West Fort Dodge to Build

Structure to be Constructed of Brick with Stone Trimmings and to Cost $7,000.

Architect Frank W. Griffith is making plans for a Swedish Lutheran church, to be erected in West Fort Dodge. The church will have a seating capacity of about four hundred, and will cost $7,000. The building, when finished will be one of the best of the smaller churches in the city. It will be built of brick with stone trimmings. The improvement will add greatly to the appearance of West Fort Dodge.

The erection of this church has been for some years in the minds of the West Side Swedish Lutherans, but it was considered better to defer action in the matter until such time as an edifice of sufficient size and beauty could be erected, so that it would accommodate the needs and be the pride of the pastorate for many years to come. It has now been decided that the resources of the congregation are sufficient for the undertaking, and as soon as the plans are completed, its erection will be begun.

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