Webster County Coal Mines Idle

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: April 2, 1906

Webster County Coal Mines Idle

Coal Barons as Well as People in the Grasp of the Shortage.

Not Fifty Ton in the City

“Only a Few Ton on Hand” say most of Dealers – About Two Hundred Men In This Locality Out – Ten Mines closed Down.

Fort Dodge is, or shortly will be, in the grasp of the coal situation. Pursuant to agreement made among miners and operators all local mines are shut down pending agreement at the joint conference of miners and operators in Des Moines.

Fort Dodge coal dealers who have been on the verge of a shortage for weeks, owing to the gradually tightening marking report today that that shortage in local conditions is practically at hand. One dealer stated to a Messenger reporter today that he did not think there were more than fifty tons on hand among the dealers of the entire city.

Each retailer when asked about his supply comes forth with the reply, “Only a few tons left” and in some cases, “All out” is given.

Orin W. Collins reports that his company is totally out. The Gleason company have a similar report, and McClure coal company, Parel Coal company, Townsend and Merrill, Butler and Rhodes, and numerous others say their supply is running low. Graig Coal company, John Amond and a few others have a fair supply on hand.

Fortunately the private coal consumption for the year is nearly done with and all the large consumers are supplied against emergency. Some two hundred men through the county are out of employment and ten or more mines are shut down.

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