To Build a Shock Loader

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: April 20, 1904

To Build a Shock Loader

De Loura Auto Manufacturing co. to Construct One.

The Machine Will Be Sent South and Worked North With the Harvest.

J.J. Ford, secretary of the Iowa Shockloader company, has let the contract for the making of patterns and the construction of a shockloader after the plans of the late patent, to the De Loura Automobile Manufacturing company of this city, and the machine (at least one line of text missing here – something like: will be sent down south.) From Oklahoma, as the small grain ripens, it will be worked north to Minnesota, the Dakotas, and even perhaps into Canada. It is also the intention of the company to have a sufficient number of the machines manufactured by some concern, not yet decided upon, to supply this year’s trade, and wherever the model machine is displayed orders will be taken, which the company will be able to fill at once.

It is expected that by showing the work of the machine in this practical manner, and over such a wide territory a great demand will be created for it at once, and that next year’s trade will be greatly accelerated by  the proceedings of the machine and knowing it is a success, will not be afraid to take it. It is felt by the patentees that in the way of simplicity, quality of work, durability and light draft, the present model cannot be much improved. The machine has been put at actual work int he field, and all the difficulties that then appeared have been remedied.


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