Think Water Problem Solved

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: April 12, 1905

Think Water Problem Solved

Water Committee are Ready to Proceed and This Afternoon Began Measuring.

Will Sink a Big Shaft

It is Their Intention To Pierce The Duck Island Vein With a Large Shaft and Then Put Out Tunnels Into Water Stratum in all Directions

The action taken by the City council Monday evening in the matter of securing a supply of pure water is developing rapidly. The water committee this afternoon went to the water station for the purpose of staking out the ground where the big main shaft is to be sunk that will furnish the future water supply of the city.

The plan that is to be pursued is a novel one, and gives every promise of being a success.

From the bottom of the big main shaft, which will go down a little below the water bearing stratum of sandstone, then from this level, tunnels will be sent out in all directions, piercing this stratum in every diction (sic) till an adequate amount of water is struck.

It has been determined that the water that has been found on Duck Island extends over practically the whole flat, and this is the same vein that is to be relied upon in the present venture.

While it would not be practicable to dig enough wells to supply the city with the required volume of water, it is practicable and feasible to sink this one big shaft and then send the tunnels out as described.

The water question has hung fire till the entire council is out of patience with it, and they are going at it to solve the problem and that without the slightest further hesitation.

The water committee has full pwoer to go ahead,a nd as soon as the plans are a little further along so that they are sure just what machinery it will require to put the well and tunnels in, it will be ordered at once, and the contract for the work let.

The water that will thus be supplied will be beyond suspicion and the question of pure water will never form an issue in another city election. All of the members of the committee, as well as Water Superintendent W.L. Pray, the Mayor, and the remainder of the city council are absolutely confident that the present plan will be a successful one, and they are going at the work of carrying it out with utmost enthusiasm.

While the time that it will take to carry out the newly formulated plan cannot be estimated at present, it is certain that it will be finished by fall or at least by next spring, and that there will be no more of the exceedingly bad water that was furnished the patrons of the city water supply after the breakup this year.

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