Small Improvements Over Town

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: April 11, 1905

Small Improvements Over Town

Terraces are Being Graded and Planted and Trees Being Set Out.

Will Aid the Town Materially

All the Property Owners, Especially On Paved Streets Should Follow the Example of a Few and Repair the Terraces that Have Been Broken up.

Signs of spring and improvement are fast being noticed throughout the town, and if everyone else follows the example of the few who have started this city will be one to be proud of this summer, when excursions are run here from surrounding towns.

There is much of the terrace around the city, on the streets that were paved last summer, that is still lying broken and ugly and some few of the citizens have already begun to put it into shape, so that the spring rains will be able to cover the brown mud with a velvety green slope.

Much of the terrace where the streets were paved last year was necessarily graded so much that if any pains are taken to fix it up, it will be even prettier than the flat terrace of the other streets.

The S.T. Meservey property is being improved in this respect and by summer it is probably that no otheer (sic) residentce in the city will present a more beautiful appearance.

All around town, small improvenst (sic) are noticed. Much of the Snell property is being planted with trees, and other terraces are being finished with stone walls or leveled off and planted with grass seed.

These are all improvements which will aid the town materially, although they seem insignificant, and it is to be hoped that every property owner will get to work and see that his own property is put in the best of shape.

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