Runaway Boy Picked Up

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: April 14, 1906

Runaway Boy Picked Up

Gets on Train and Rides to Fort Dodge

Lad is Only Ten Years Old – Formerly Lived Here – Will Return Today.

A bright eyed little lad was picked up by Chief Tullar about nine o’clock last night while wandering around near the Central depot. When asked regarding himself he promptly replied that he lived in Waterloo and had jumped onto the train yesterday and came up here.

He was taken to the police station cared for by the officers last night and this afternoon was returned to Waterloo in response to a telegram from his anxious parents. He gave his name as Albert Smith, and stated that his father John Smith who is night watchman at the Waterloo gas works formerly lived here. He said he always wanted to return to Fort Dodge so boarded a Great Western train yesterday at noon.

He sat down beside some man, and when the conductor came around his companion in response to the question “This your kid?” said “yes.” This fixed him out as far as Oelwein. Arriving at that place, he wandered about for a half day, got something to eat from a kind restaurant keeper and in the evening jumped another train and came here.

The lad though only ten years old is exceedingly bright and created much amusement at the city hall by his smart talk and replies to questions.

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