Old Man is Painfully Hurt

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: April 15, 1904

Old Man is Painfully Hurt

Hugh Coyne Falls From Wagon, Wheels Pass Over.

Sustains Powerful Bruises, but it is Thought That He Escaped More Serious Injury.

Hugh Coyne, sixty years of age, met with a serious and painful accident Thursday afternoon by falling from his wagon just after crossing the Third street viaduct. The wagon, which was loaded with dirt, was in motion at the time and he sustained the heavy weight as the wheels passed over his body. The accident was witnessed by several passersby, who went to the old man’s aid and carried him into the residence of Henry Koll, who lives at the south end of the viaduct. Two physicians were summoned and made an examination of his injuries. It was found that he was severely bruised and at the time it was feared he had sustained internal injuries. He was later removed to his home and today was reported to be doing as well as could be expected. The possibility of his having sustained internal injuries is today regarded as unlikely and if such is the case his condition cannot be regarded as serious.

Coyne was engaged by the city to haul dirt taken from the grade, which is being made on the hill leading from the north end of the viaduct. The accident occurred at the south end of the bridge and was caused by the breaking of the board which he was using as a seat. Hitched to the wagon was a team of mules and when the driver fell from his seat the animals continued up the hill. His body fell in such a manner that the wheels passed directly over his back.

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