New City Council Will Take Charge

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: April 6, 1903

New City Council Will Take Charge

Old Council Will Finish Last Business and Pass into History This Evening

New Administration Begins

Appointment of Minor City Officers is to be Made This Evening

This evening’s meeting of the Fort Dodge city council will mark the passing of the old and the beginning of the new in the city’s administration. After the transaction of such odds and ends of business as may properly come before them, Mayor Bennett and the retiring members of the city council will leave the seats which they have held during the past term, and Mayor Northrup and the new city council will take their paces about the executive table. The new city government will be in active control of the city’s interest.

Business of importance to the city will be transacted at the opening meeting of the new council. It will be the appointment of the officers who will serve the city in subordinate capacities during the coming year. The list includes the following:

Police Marshal.
Police Deputy Marshal.
Street Commissioner.
Fire Marshal.
Weigh master.
Health Physician.
Superintendent of Water Works.
Collector of Water Rents.
City Engineer.
Driver of the fire team.
Meter Repairer.
Three Engineers of city water works
Four police officers

There is much speculation as to who will be appointed to these offices, especially those in the police department. The new council held its usual secret meeting on Saturday evening, but he secrets therein discussed were jealously guarded by its members today and none of the unitiated (sic) were any wiser than they were before. It is expected that the mystery will be solved this evening at the first public session of the new council.

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