Juel Johnson in Sad Plight

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: April 2, 1903

Juel Johnson in Sad Plight

Miner, Paralyzed by Accident, Cannot Live Much Longer

He was Injured in January.

Since That Time Has Lain, Perfectly Helpless, on Cot in City Hospital.

Juel Johnson, the miner who last January had one of the processes of his spinal column crushed in a mine accident at the Pleasant Valley mine, is still alive, but there is little hope for his recovery at Thrombosis or the clotting of a vein has set in and it will be impossible for him to survive. If it had not been for this Mr. Johnson might have lived several years.

Mr. Johnson’s injury was an unusually serious one. While he was at work on the mine a large mass of coal fell on him and knocked him down. Johnson was picked up helpless, and on examination it was found that one of the processes of the spinal column had been crushed and that the ragged edges of the bone almost severed the spinal cord, thereby affecting the nervous system and causing complete paralysis.

Mr. Johnson is a prominent member of the Miner’s Union which has been looking after him. He is at the city  hospital, where he is being given every comfort.

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