Better Buy Your Clothes Now, Girls

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: April 11, 1917

Better Buy Your Clothes Now, Girls

Girls, Girls!

It’s a sad story but when the hot summer days roll around and there is nothing comforting but the summer frock, don’t forget to lay away your spring suit so that you may draw it out again next spring ready for use.

Uncle Sam’s officials have announced that this may be the last year for some time that ready made factories will be turned over for the manufacturing of women’s wear. Uncle Sam is going to have a little party all of his own in the next few years and he is going to require the ladies factories to make olive drab and khaki suits for his boys, and we girls are going to be the sufferers.

But then, patriotism comes first, and who will care to sport a new suit or a silk gown with all the sweethearts away on the border fighting? The dress maker will reign supreme one more. Her reign has fallen to the background during the past because the ready to wear garments have proven so exacting with the women.

We want our brothers to look spick and span when they go away to war, if it must be and this now looks inevitable. A million uniform suits will have to be made and maybe two million. There must be hats, coats, caps, shoes and socks.

A rush order may be that the boys will have to have the out put of the wool in this country, so girls get together al of yoru clothes. Brush them up and hang them away for it may be our lot to wear made over garments instead of ready made during the war.


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