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School Officers are Re-elected

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: April 8, 1903

School Officers are Re-elected

Superintendent G.H. Mullin and Principal I.H. Warner Will Remain With Schools

Given Increase in Salary

Board Discussed Advisability of Fire Escapes for Lincoln Building. E.G. Larson Sworn In.

G.H. Mullin, superintendent, and Professor I.H. Warren, principal of the high school, will be with the Fort Dodge schools another year. The Fort Dodge school board, at their regular monthly meeting on Tuesday evening re-elected both at an increase of salary, and it is understood that both propose to remain by the schools in which they have made so good a record during the year which is just drawing to a close.

Superintendent Mullin is elected as a salary of $2,000, an increase of $200 over the salary which he has been receiving, and Professor Warren is to receive $1,400, an increase of $100. both gentlemen have made an enviable record during their connection with the Fort Dodge schools, which began with the present school year, and the news that they have been re-elected for another year will be generally approved.

The board also discussed the matter of providing additional fire escapes for the Lincoln building, which is recognized as being the most dangerous building in the city in the event of a fire breaking out, being three stories in height and of old style construction. Some action will undoubtedly be taken with regard to placing fire escapes on the Lincoln building and on such other buildings of the city as the board shall find advisable during the coming summer.

E.G. Larson presented his certificate of qualification to the board, and was sworn in. This was the first meeting which the board has held since Mr. Larson returned from his western trip.

Mr. Larson was sworn in with the understanding that he will serve for one year, and if the law is found to mean that qualification within ten days after the third Monday entitles him to his full term, he will serve that length of time.

(Editor’s note: According to this website, 1903 dollars adjusted to 2010 dollars [the latest year offered on the site]  would mean the superintendent’s $2,000 salary would be worth around $47,899 today. The $1,400 for the principal would be approximately $33,529 today. It’s interesting to see that the current salaries for these positions are not a simple cost-of-living increase – the current superintendent was hired in July 2010 at a salary of $146,655.)

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