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Gold Tooth Caught Him

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: March 4, 1907

Gold Tooth Caught Him

Gilt Molar Was Undoing of Forger Caught by Chief Tullar

A gold tooth in the front of the mouth of Oscar Walker, alias H.R. Williams resulted in his being arrested Saturday afternoon by Chief Tullar on the charge of forgery, and today he will be taken to Omaha to await the time when the machinery of the law will get in motion and pass upon his crime. Mr. Tullar received a letter Saturday morning from Chief of Police Donahue of Omaha asking him to look out for Walker, who was wanted for forging checks on the manager of Collier’s Weekly while acting as canvasser for the publication. A good description telling that the man wanted was 35 years of age, high 5 feet 11 inches, florid complexion, weight 180 pounds, sandy mustache, and that he had a gold tooth in the front of his mouth accompanied the letter. It also stated that a man named Williams has applied for a position with Collier’s from Fort Dodge and that Williams would probably prove to be Walker. This turned out just as expected. Chief Tullar was walking along First Avenue South that same afternoon when he met a man answering the description. He spoke to him and when he opened his mouth to reply Tullar caught sight of the gold tooth and nabbed him. A detective from Omaha arrived here yesterday and identified the prisoner as the man wanted. He had been here only a week or so and went under the name of H.R. Williams.

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