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Fear Scarlet Fever Epidemic

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: May 28, 1903

Fear Scarlet Fever Epidemic

Physicians of City Say That There is Considerable Danger

Many Have Been Exposed.

Two Cases of the Disease Are Found in the City and Are Under Quarantine.

The physicians of this city greatly fear that an epidemic of scarlet fever is about to break out among the children of the city.

Two cases of this dreaded child malady are already reported. They are the little daughter of Mrs. Minnie Slinkerd and the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Silver.

Scarlet fever is one of the most contagious diseases known and it is stated that several hundred children have been exposed. The case of Miss Slinkerd was so mild that a physician was not called and it was not known until Wednesday afternoon that she was just recovering from scarlet fever, this being the stage at which the disease is most contagious, as the scars are dropping off and the disease germ is most easily distributed.

While the case of Miss Slinkerd is very mild, medical men say that the most serious cases may be contracted from persons who are mildly affected. Prominent physicians when interviewed this morning said that they considered an epidemic almost inevitable as scarlet fever is the most contagious disease known.

Scarlet fever is one of the severe diseases of childhood and has the  highest mortality in the early spring and late fall when houses are usually inadequately heated, and the children’s vitality is low. Physicians says (sic) that if an epidemic is to occur is it fortunate that is should happen in the summer when children are well and able to be in the sunshine and are not confined to school. It is urged that the parents see that their children have plenty of exercise and take special care in regard to cleanliness and proper food. There is absolutely no way of warding off the malady by confining them. The only preventative is to keep children in the best of health when there is less danger of contagion.

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