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Cement Walks Ordered

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: May 8,1906

Cement Walks Ordered

Council Order Walks Along Second Avenue South and Twelfth Street.

The City council has ordered about three blocks of cement walks constructed in the east part of the city during the coming summer. Walks have been ordered along Second Avenue South from Tenth to Tewelfth (sic) Streets and on Twelfth Street fronting the G.S. Ringland property. They are to be completed by August 1st. Regarding the Central Avenue cement walks the council do not intend to order all walks along the street relaid with cement. A few brick walks have been condemned and ordered replaced with cement and as fast as others prove unserviceable the same move will be made. It is not likely, however, that a general move for cement walks the full length of Central Avenue will be ordered.

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