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Double Wedding

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: May 15, 1906

Double Wedding

Miss Clara Proeschold and Mr. Henry Scharfenberg and Miss Berth Scharfenberg and Mr. D. Powell

A double wedding will take place on Wednesday of this week when Miss Bertha Scharfenberg and Mr. Daniel Powell and Mr. Henry Scharfenberg and Miss Clara Proeschold will be married. The young people have been very reticent about the affair and have given no clue as to the time of day or the place. It is thought that the wedding ceremoies (sic) will be performed at the home of the latter couple on Round Prairie.

Both young ladies are well known in Fort Dodge, where they have resided several years. The grooms are both very popular here. Mr. Powell, lately of Ohio, is a canvassing photographer. He and his bride will start on a trip immediately after the ceremony. Mr. Scharfenberg is employed at the Fort Dodge Planing mill, where he has a splendid position.

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Gladys Powell Burned to Death

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The Fort Dodge Daily Chronicle: Sept. 23, 1910

Gladys Powell Burned to Death

Young Girl Meets With Fatal Accident On Thursday Evening

Fell Down Cellar Stairs While Carrying Lamp

Clothing Was Completely Burned From Her Body and Death Resulted Seven Hours Later

Miss Gladys Powell, aged between sixteen and seventeen years, and who resided at 326 South Fifth street, received burns on Thursday evening about seven o’clock which resulted in her death at St. Joseph’s Mercy Hospital about seven hours later.

Fell Down Cellar Stairs

The family were eating their evening meal in their  home when the daughter had occasion to visit the cellar, carrying a kerosene lamp to light her way. In some unaccountable manner she tripped and fell, and her clothing was set on fire from the lamp, according to members of the city fire department who made an investigation of the case. the mother rushed to the assistance of the young woman and was herself painfully burned about the arms and face, while attempting to rescue the young woman.

Clothing Burned Off

The young lady was gowned in light fabrics and for this reason the flames took rapid hold, all her clothing being burned from her body, with the exception of about one inch of one stocking and her entire body with the exception of the waist, which was given some protection by the corset, was one immense blister as a result of the burns.

An alarm of fire was turned in from Box 43, and the central fire department responded in record time. The emergency case carried on the fire wagon was pressed into service and Chief Trusty did all in his power to relieve the suffering of the young lady until two physicians who had been summoned had arrived. The physicians gave additional needed medical attention and the young woman whom it as seen was fatally burned, and mother who was painfully burned, were then taken to St. Joseph’s Mercy Hospital. The young woman passed away about one o’clock this morning as a result of her burns, and while the mother will be confined at the hospital for some time it is not believed she will suffer permanent disfigurement.

Although the accident was of the most serious nature, and resulted fatally to Miss Gladys Powell, the house was not damaged in the least, and members of the fire department for this reason were able to give all of their attention to the relieving of the suffering of the young woman until the arrival of the physicians. Chief Trusty speaks in the highest terms of praise of the emergency case which has been prepared for the city fire department by Dr. C.H. Mulroney, city health officer, and which is carried at all times on the h ose wagon sent out from the central fire station.

No Inquest Necessary

Coroner J.D. Lowry stated this afternoon it would not be necessary to hold an inquest to inquire into the death of the  young woman.

(Editor’s note: Besides the sensational nature of this article, with graphic details about the extent of the young woman’s injuries, I did see something quite interesting. It mentions an emergency case prepared by the city’s health officer, Dr. Mulroney. It sounds like an early version of what paramedics take out on calls.)

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Weddings Wednesday

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: May 17, 1906

Weddings Wednesday

Widick-Brown, Scharfenburg-Powell, Proeschold-Scharfenburg Nuptials, Sister and Brother Participate.

At the home of the bride’s parents Mr. and Mrs. Henry Widick, occurred the wedding of Miss Anna Widick and Mr. Lloyd Brown Wednesday at high noon. About forty guests were present among whom were relatives from several surrounding towns. About forty guests were present among whom were relatives from several surrounding towns. Immediately after the ceremony, which was performed by Rev. Phil Baird, a wedding was served. This afternoon a reception was held at the home of the groom’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. D.H. Brown, of Prospect Hill. The young people will not take a wedding trip, but will go to housekeeping on Prospect Hill. Both participants are well known in the city where they have resided several years.

Double Wedding.

On Wednesday evening at the home which Mr. Henry Scharfenberg has prepared for his bride, a double wedding was performed which joined together as husband and wife, both Miss Bertha Scharfenberg and Mr. Daniel Powell and Miss Clara Proeschold and Mr. Henry Scharfenberg. The services were conducted by Reverend Zuerrer of the German Lutheran church. All four of the young people are to be congratulated.

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