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The Fort Dodge Messenger: April 4, 1917

Army Recruiting Office Gets Orders

Prepare to Handle Men in Large Numbers

To Ask Ministers to Help

Orders were received by the Fort Dodge recruiting office this morning from district army headquarters in Omaha to have the local office prepared to handle recruits in large numbers by the latter part of the week.

Corporal Weir in charge said today that as yet he could not give out any information which is purported to back the order, but that within a few days there would probably be more definite news given out by the war department at Washington.

Military men here believe that this order is a forerunner of an order which will be received within the next few days to recruit the regular army up to full war strength. In that case it would be necessary for the government to enlist 75,000 men at once. The standing army as it is in peace times numbers about 150,000 and 225,000 in war strength.

Two Men Enlist.

James S. Jenkins of Bancroft was enlisted into the coast artillery today. He left this morning for Fort Logan, Colo. Glen M. Paul of Bancroft was enlisted this morning but upon protests from his mother, who said that he was not of age, he was rejected by the local officers.

Want Ministers to Help.

Recruiting Officers Kellar and Weir at the army recruiting office announced today that they would visit every minister in the city this week and request them to urge men to join the army. This is one of the plans that the army is taking to recruit up to the required strength.

Sergeant Kellar said today that he had planned to see all the ministers in the city as soon as possible. He will urge them to speak fro the pulpit on the standing army and the excellent chances for promotion that is offers, and tell of its need of good clean men to enlist under the colors of the United States of America.

The army has no trouble in getting recruits, but it can not get the right kind of recruits. Men are being turned down daily because they are not the kind of men that are needed in the regular army.

Sergeant Kellar would like to have the ministers preach a sermon next Sunday on the army. Next Sunday, however, is Easter Sunday and it is probably that many of the ministers would rather not give over the entire service. Recruiting officers, however, will try and get them to say a few words about the army.

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