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Serious Runaway Near Duncombe

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: June 29, 1903

Serious Runaway Near Duncombe

Ole Hanson, Wife and Baby Thrown Out of Buggy By a Frightened Horse.

The Baby Will Probably Die.

Mrs. Hanson Was Unconscious for Several Hours From the Shock, But is Recovering Slowly At The Present Time.

Last Saturday morning about nine o’clock while on their way to Fort Dodge, Ole Hanson, wife and five months old baby of Duncombe met with a very serious accident. When about two and a half miles from home and close to the John Mallinger farm their horse became frightened at a hay loader and rake standing inside the fence. The horse which was traveling at a good rate stopped suddenly, shied to one side, throwing the occupants of the buggy violently to the ground. Mrs. Hanson was knocked senseless by the fall and did not recover consciousness for almost half an hour. When she became aware of what had happened she found herself surrounded by friends in the John Mallinger home. Her first thought was for her baby, and she found that its injuries were very dangerous, perhaps fatal as the blood was gushing from its mouth and ears.

Dr. Thompson of Duncombe was immediately summoned and did what he could for both the woman and baby. They were taken to the home of Thomas Ness, Mrs. Hanson’s father, where they are now resting. Mrs. Hanson has recovered from the shock to a considerable extent, being bouyed (sic) up by her anxiety for her baby. The baby is lying in a semi-unconscious state with few chances for life. Mr. Hanson escaped almost without an injury and the horse which is an ordinary looking, sedate plug, ran but a short distance with no injury to itself or to the buggy. Mr. Hanson is a farmer and lives a quarter of a mile east of Duncombe on his mother’s farm. His mother, Mrs. Anna Hanson lives in East Fort Dodge.

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