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Was Ungrateful for Favors Shown

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: June 18, 1903

Was Ungrateful for Favors Shown

George Mapleton Fought Policeman Who Pulled Him Out of Danger – Now Nurses Broken Arm.

Was Lying Across The Track.

Resisted and Struck the Policeman and was Thrown Down, Receiving Injury in the Tumble – Other news of Police Court.

George Mapleson, who says his home is in Cedar Rapids, and who has been working on a steel gang at LeMars, had a strenuous experience on Wednesday night. He was found by Officer Mericle in a helplessly intoxicated condition, laying asleep across the Illinois Central tracks near the depot, in imminent danger of being cut in two by a train which was being made u p, and when the officers in all kindness started to remove him from his dangerous position, he showed fight, hit the well meaning policeman with his fist, was thrown down in the melee which followed and broke his arm. This morning, with his arm in a sling, Mapleson showed a humble and contrite spirit, admitted his wrong doing, and was let off with a remitted fine. It was expected that he would be sent back to his home in Cedar Rapids.

Mapleson’s right arm was broken above the elbow. When the officer tried to get him out of his dangerous proximity to the train, Mapleson became abusive, and was promptly placed under arrest. When Mr. Mericle started to take him out of the depot, he wheeled just outside the door and struck him a heavy blow in the face. Mericle threw him down, and as he rose, full of fight threw him down again. It is supposed that his arm was broken in his second fall.

Pat Brennan, who was with Mapleson, was taken to jail.

Henry Kelley, and old offender, was back in police court this morning and Mayor Northrup, true to his promise, assessed a fine of $5 and costs against him, and put  him on the street to work it out, as a rate of $1.50 per day. He was turned over to Street Commissioner Rocky.

Clarence Monahan, another old timer, met the same fate.

John Martin, a youthful personage, said that he wanted to go to Omaha, and was given a change to get out of town.

Mapleson was sent back to his home in Cedar Rapids this afternoon.

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