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Attempt to Rob Bank Frustrated

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: April 13, 1904

Attempt to Rob Bank Frustrated

Four Men Make Daring Effort to Rob Duncombe Bank at Early Hour Today.

Discovered by Night Watchman

Robbers Take to Their Heels and a Running Revolver Fight Ensues.

The timely appearance of Night Watchman Frank Lutz frustrated an attempt to rob the Duncombe Bank at Duncombe at an early hour this morning. About 2 a.m. the night watchman saw a light in the bank and an investigation led to the discovery that an attempt was being made by four men to force an entrance into the vault. The watchman opened fire on the men in the bank and succeeded in putting them to flight. A running fight following in which shots were exchanged, but so far as known no damage was done. Watchman Lutz escaped injury and as the quartette of would be robbers made its escape it is thought none of them were hit.

Entrance into the bank was made by picking the lock of the street door and using the same means to open the door of the room in which is the vault. The latter is built of brick and steel. The robber had stolen a pick and crow bar from the tool box of the Illinois Central section gang and with them had begun tearing away the brick section of the vault when discovered by the night watchman. The latter had been working at the water station about a block from the bank and had suspected something wrong wehn he heard the noise caused by the men using the pick to tear out the bricks of the vault. For the distance of a block the watchman crawled on his hands and knees and aroused J. Latta, proprietor of the bank, and several other men, with whom he intended to surprise the robbers, when discovered by the latter.

The men in the bank lost no time in dropping their tools and taking to flight. As they ran out of the bank the watchman counted four men, their only distinguishing feature being that one was unusually tall, while the other three were men of ordinary size. In the street the men started toward the railroad yards and while running in that direction returned the fire of the watchman.

Evidently plans had been made as, the robbers had a hand car in readiness when they reached the railroad yards. They boarded this and succeeded in making their escape.

The hand car was found this morning lying hear the railroad track a half mile east of Carbon Junction. No trace of the robbers has been found.

The damage to the bank is confined to a hole in the vault large enough to allow the body of a man to pass thru. It can be repaired, however, at a small cost.

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