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Name Has Been Decided Upon

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: March 25, 1905

Name Has Been Decided Upon

Local Baseball Team in the Iowa League to be Called The Gypsumites.

Voting Contest a Success

Over Thirty Names Were Sent In and Although Many Excellent Names Were Submitted, Choice of All Was The Gypsumites.

The base ball team name contest which has been going on now for two weeks has at last been closed, and it has been decided to call the local team the Gypsumites. Investigation shows that nearly all of the board of directors favored this name, although they themselves did not cast any votes.

The reason that the Gypsumites was selected by nearly all was that this name cannot be copied by any other team, as there is scarcely a place in the whole country which would have any right to this name. Fort Dodge has become justly celebrated because of its great gypsum industries and in consequence, this name seems to apply to a fort Dodge team very well.

There were several other names submitted which would have made excellent names, but this name seemed to apply to Fort Dodge better than any of the others. Cardiffs also seemed to be an excellent name, and many favored this, but the majority favored Gypsumites, and so this name will be the one by which the local team will be known throughout the state.

L.A. Thorson certainly deserves the credit for the winning name, for he submitted both the Gypsumites and the Cardiffs. The Gypsumites was submitted by one other person also, but the latter did not sign any name. Mr. Thorson submitted both of the names upon which the contest developed and deserves the credit for so doing.

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