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Take Out Fish by Barrel

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: March 27, 1906

Take Out Fish By Barrel

High Water Which Later Recedes – Leaves Finny Creatures Stranded on Land.

Parties living along the banks of the river have had the unique experience during the last couple of days of being able to take all the fish that they will need for family use for days to come with the naked hands.

The high water of yesterday and the day before sent the river above the banks and onto low lands in places. When the ice gorge which dammed the stream gave way last night it receded much more suddenly than it came, leaving dozens of fish stranded in a few inches of muddy water, almost in the back yards of residents living near the stream. One man states that he took out nearly two barrels of catfish, pickerel, buffalo, etc., this morning.

(Editor’s note: For obvious reasons, I will file this one under “Fish Stories.” I have come across some other fantastic stories in old news articles and will use that category for the unusual and spectacular stories like this one.)

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