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To Ride to World’s Fair

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: May 25, 1904

To Ride to World’s Fair

Arthur Flint to Make Trip on Motorcycle

Machine Has Average Speed of 15 Miles Per Hour – Rides to Humboldt

Arthur Flint, of the Laughlin-Flint grocery, has purchased a new Rambler motorcycle and intends a little later to make a trip to the St. Louis World’s Fair on the machine. He hopes to make the trip at the rate of 150 miles per day and will count on arriving in the Missouri metropolis in about two and one half to three days.

As an experimental trip over rough roads he went to Humboldt and back Tuesday, making the round trip in one hour and forty minutes. He made the trip up in fifty-three minutes. The machine will be arranged for t seats and will carry two persons comfortably. The speed limit over good roads is forty miles an hour, but the usual rate over ordinary country roads is not more than fifteen miles, increased to twenty miles where the surface of the road permits.

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Are Charged With Horse Stealing

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: June 25, 1903

Are Charged With Horse Stealing

John and Ed Wheaton Are Placed Under Arrest By Constable Flint On Wednesday.

Hearing Was This Afternoon.

Claimed that They Took an Animal Belonging to Mrs. Josephine Scott – Alleged Theft Was Committed last February

John and Ed Wheaton, charged with stealing a horse from Mrs. Josephine Scott, were arrested on Wednesday afternoon by Constable A.J. Flint, and were lodged in the county jail. They were brought up for hearing on Wednesday, but the hearing was deferred until 2 o’clock this afternoon, in order that the witnesses could be secured.

The Wheaton boys have been employed in grading gangs in the city for some time past. The told the officers that they had paid for the horse which they were charged with stealing.

Mrs. Scott claims that her horse was taken last February from the Davis livery barn, where it was being kept. The Wheaton boys were in Sioux City not long after, and it is claimed that they had driven the horse to that place and disposed of it there. The accused claim that they went to Sioux City by rail.

Considerable interest was taken in this afternoon’s hearing.

The case came up before Justice Martin this afternoon but at time of going to press the hearing was not complete.

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