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They Won in the Box Contest

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Jan. 10, 1903

They Won in the Box Contest

Misses Hannah Hanson and Jennie Pollock Receive Highest Number of Ballots

Voting Was Lively Today

Miss Hanson Received 212 Votes and Miss Pollock 93. Other Teachers in the Race

Miss Hannah Hanson and Miss Jennie Pollock are the winners in the Messenger box contest for the performance of Charles B. Hanford, in “Much Ado About Nothing,” at the Midland on next Monday evening. Having received the highest number of votes in the contest for the post popular school teacher of Fort Dodge they are each entitled to a box for this performance and have the privilege of inviting five friends to occupy it with them.

The voting was fast and furious this morning. Miss Hanson’s friends rallied to her support, and when the time came to count the ballots at noon, she was found to have 212 of the little paper slips to her credit. Miss Jennie Pollock who was the favorite on Friday, did not do so well today, but came next with 93 votes.

Miss Ella Fin had many friends who exerted themselves in her behalf and she received 74 votes.

The full list of teachers for whom coupons were cast is as follows:

Hannah Hanson
Jennie Pollock
Ella Fink
Grace Fibbs
Maude Herrick
Cora Newton
Florence Anderson
Myrtle Hill

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Several Are Hurt in Lively Runaways

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: July 12, 1904

Several Are Hurt in Lively Runaways

Two Runaways of a Serious Nature Take Place Monday Afternoon.

Mrs. Isaac Garmoe a Victim

With Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Fibbs She is Thrown Out of Carriage – Mrs. R.M. Wright Hurt in Runaway of Team.

An accident which came nearly terminating seriously occurred Monday afternoon on tenth street and Fifth avenue north. Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Fibbs and Mrs. Isaac Garmoe were riding in the Fibbs’ carriage on Fifth avenue north and they noticed an automobile standing near the curbing. Mr. Fibbs realized that the horse would become frightened if the automobile was started and asked the person in charge not to start it until the horse had passed them. Misunderstanding the request, the operator started it forward. This frightened the horse so that he turned around and overturned the carriage, throwing the occupants onto the paving. The noise of the machine frightened the horse still more and it started off dragging the occupants of the carriage several feet before breaking loose, leaving the buggy upset with the occupants pinned beneath it.

Mrs. Garmoe Painfully Hurt.

People in the vicinity were attracted by the accident and assisted the injured people from beneath the buggy. For some time it was thought that Mrs. Garmoe was badly injured and a report was circulated that she could not live, but this is false. Although she was very painfully hurt she is in no danger. Mr. Fibbs also suffered a very severe cut over his eye and a doctor had to be called for him. One eye and the fact of Mrs. Garmoe was badly scraped, and her right arm cut. The back of her neck was bruised and her right leg was also bruised and the knee of the left leg was quite badly lacerated. Mr. Fibb’s (sic) greatest injury was to his eye. Mrs. Fibbs escaped with several minor bruises.

Accident Made More Serious.

The accident is all the more to be deplored, because of the condition of Mr. Garmoe, who underwent an operation last week. He has not yet been informed as to the seriousness of the accident. Mrs. Garmoe is at present confined to her bed, but it is thought that she will be able to be up in a few days.

Mrs. R.M. Wright injured.

Mrs. R.M. Wright was thrown from her buggy while driving in the sough part of the city Monday afternoon and suffered a severely wrenched hip and badly bruised shoulder.

The horses driven by Mrs. Wright are a lively pair and have run away twice before. This time while coming east on Thirs avenue south, one of the animals kicked over the pole, when the team became unmanageable. Mrs. Wright was thrown from the buggy almost immediately and the team ran only a block before being stopped. The carriage was badly smashed.

Mrs. Wright, although badly bruised, was able to pick herself up and was taken immediately to her home, where she received medical attendance. She will be able to get about in a few days.

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Death of Pioneeer Veteran G.A.R. Man

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: March 26, 1906

Death of Pioneer Veteran G.A.R. Man

J.M. Fibbs Died at his Home Here Sunday Morning at Four O’Clock

Soldier Through Civil War

Early Iowa Pioneer; Resident of Fort Dodge the Past Seven Years; And a Successful Business Man – A Loss to City.

J.M. Fibbs, a veteran of the civil war and long time resident of Iowa, died at the family residence here Sunday morning, March 25th, at 4 o’clock. His death was from a variety of causes, largely the result of afflictions growing out of the hardships he endured while a soldier in the Union army during the entire period of the war of the Rebellion.

Some months ago he sought relief through an operation, but never regained his wonted health, and has been gradually losing in strength throughout the winter. His death came as a relief from protracted suffering.

Mr. Fibbs was born in Pennsylvania in 1836, and spent his earlier years in Maryland and New York. In the last named state he was married, and later moved to Iowa, settling at Ida Grove where he become (sic) a miller and flour merchant, which business he followed successfully till when by reason of failing health, last fall, he was compelled to give up active business pursuits.

With his family, Mr. Fibbs has been a resident of Fort Dodge the past seven years, where he has established an extended acquaintance and enjoyed the confidence and esteem of a large number of friends in business and church circles.

From the age of 18 years to the time of his death, Mr. Fibbs was a member of the Methodist Episcopal church; and with his family, has been most faithful and efficient in his work and relations with that denomination. His death will be sincerely mourned, and his presence greatly missed, by his associates in the church and his friends everywhere.

His services in the war entitle him to a place upon the soldier’s roll of immortal honor, his death being a reminder and evidence of the fast thinning ranks of the vanishing hosts of the survivors of the civil war. As private and officer he fought in the First Regiment of the Maryland Cavalry the whole period of the Rebellion.

Mr. Fibbs’ wife, and four daughters, Mrs. Nettie Fibbs Zorn, of Cody, Wy.; Mrs. C.F. Basore and Mrs. W.C. Ross, of Ida Grove; and Miss Grace M. Fibbs, of Fort Dodge, survive him; all but Mrs. Basore being present at the time of his death. The stricken family are assured of the sincere sympathy of a large circle of friends here, in expensions (sic) of which sympathy  The Messenger desires to join.

The interment will be at Ida Grove. a brief funeral service will be held at the family residence here Tuesday morning at 9 o’clock.

■ ■ ■

The Fort Dodge Messenger: March 27, 1906

Funeral of J.M. Fibbs

Brief Service at the Residence – Body is Then Shipped to Ida Grove.

The funeral of J.M. Fibbs who died Sunday morning at his home on 4th avenue south after a long illness with a complication of diseases was held this morning at the Fibbs residence. The service was in charge of Rev. Geo. C. Fort of the First M.E. church, and was very brief. The body was shipped to Ida Grove, where interment will be made.

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