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Farmer Traps a Gray Wolf

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: March 2, 1904

Farmer Traps a Gray Wolf

F.H. Fallon Captures Animal Tuesday Night

Had Been Prowling in Vicinity of His Home, Two Miles Southwest of the City.

To hear of large grey wolves in Webster County is rather a surprising incident but nevertheless such is the case in proof of which W.H. Fallon, living about two miles southwest of the city, has a fine specimen which he captured in a trap Tuesday night.

For some time Mr. Fallon had noticed the marauder in the vicinity of his home and planned to capture him if possible, fearing a raid on his small stock. Tuesday night he was successful and today he has Mr. Wolf safely tied and expects to bring him to this city and place him on exhibition.

The trap used was one of Mr. Fallon’s own invention, being made with a large box and baited for the victim, so that he is wholly unharmed and as full of life as ever.

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