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Promiscuous Bunch in Police Court

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: April 20, 1905

Promiscuous Bunch in Police Court

Youth and Old Age, Drinks and Tramps Come Up to Get Justice.

The Mayor as a Minister

Mayor Bennett Does Not Belong to the Preacher’s Union But Can Deliver a Sermon – Talks on Reform are Interesting.

There was certainly something doing in police court this morning when the gong rang for the pentitents to appear before his honor, and it was a mixed procession that filed in and took the bench of mourning before him.

There were two tramps, a drunk and one juvenile offender to be disposed of. All of their cases were adjusted in a very short time, however, and in a most satisfactory manner.

While Mayor Bennett is not ordained and does not hold a card in the ministerial union, he can on occasion preach with the best of them and this morning he delivered several sermons that affected his sinful audience probably as much as any they will ever hear.

The tramps, especially, were warned of the wrath to come if they continue to hang about Fort Dodge. They were likened by his honor to a parasite on the laboring classes of the universe, and a wart on the fair face of mother nature.

It was the intention of the Mayor to put them out on the streets with a ball and chain attached to their preambulators and with the instruction that unless they were diligent in their labors, they would find no dinner when the noon hour happened along. They were put in jail however, till after the rain was over, and it is probable that they will be chased out of the city.

The case of the juvenile offender was the hardest nut to crack, Mayor Bennett had originally intended to send the youngster to reform school, but later decided to give him another chance.

The boy in question is a resident of Bobtown, and attends the Wahkonsah school. Wednesday afternoon, he became involved in a fight with another youngster and drawing an ugly pair of iron “knucks” from his pocket delivered a blow on the head of his opponent that made an ugly cut.

Both the boys were picked up by the police, and lodged in the city bastile. The injured scraper, however was let out a little later and only the boy from Bobtown held over night. It seems that he has a record as a hunter of trouble and in the examination of his case this went against him. But after considering the thing over night it was decided to give the boy a chance to redeem himself. He will be kept under the eye of his honor, however, from this time on, and the first time he is caught in crooked paths, he will be turned over to the county attorney.

The drunk was Frank Easley. He, also, was made the subject of a sermon, and at the end was warned that unless he braced up and keeps himself off the streets, he will be sent out of town to the inebriate asylum. with this warning he was turned loose.


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