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Loss by Fire

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The Webster County Gazette: April 19, 1878

Loss by Fire

The Brick block in Rear of Fort Dodge House Burned.

Last Saturday night, about 12 o’clock, a fire was discovered in the brick block on Walnut street, in the rear of the Fort Dodge House. The fire bell was jingled – what for nobody can tell, as there isn’t a possibility of its disturbing or alarming anybody. The night had been very rainy and the adjoining buildings were wet which aided in confining the flames. The brick walls were good ones, and though a frame building stood against it the fire did not spread.

Mr. Dunning moved his livery stock, expecting nothing but that it would take his quarters. The west wall of the burning building fell upon the frame adjoining it on the west, and crushed it flat. It was vacant, however. The fire company’s ladders were upon the roof and were buried under the rubbish.

The building burned and the one ruined by the falling wall, were owned by Thomas Cahill, and there was not a cent of insurance upon either. Messrs Ferguson and Markle had rented the brick for a saloon, and had just removed their stock into it. They were insured to the amount of $500 in the Imperial & Northern Company. No one seems to know how the fire caught. The loss is severe upon Mr. Cahill.

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