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Yes Easter is Near at Hand

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: March 23, 1907

Yes Easter is Near at Hand

A Glance at the Easter Novelties in Store windows Will Tell You.

Easter Teddy Bear is Newest

He Make Take the Place of the Easter Rabbit in Time – Easter Eggs, Candies, Postcards and All Other Kinds of Novelties.

A stroll down Central Avenue and a look into the store windows will tell you that Easter is near at hand even if you had no way of reckoning it by the calendar.

It is not alone the displays of fancy toggery and O! trite expression, “the Easter Bonnet,” that tells the story. The appearance of the windows of the novelty stores fairly shout it into your ear.

Easter postcard

Easter Postcard The poem reads: A Hearty Easter Wish The time for rejoicing is here, Winter's dead, and the spring is robust, In front is the best time of the year, And the best of your life,dear, I trust.

Novelties newer and neater, more varied and heterogeneous in the nature of the displays have never been seen in Fort Dodge. Of course the old time Easter Rabbit, the friend of the children, takes greatest prominence, but he bids fair to be displaced by the newer “Easter Teddy Bear.” The Teddy Bear is a pusher but the latest example of his goatlike propensities is his getting into the Easter novelty crowd. the easter Teddy Bear is a little fellow, fuzzy and comical and but little larger than the Easter rabbit. He sits in a nest of eggs or holds one in his clumsy, wobbly arms.

Hens sitting on nests of eggs, soft downy little chickens and ducks that look wonderfully like the real thing, beautifully colored artificial Easter eggs and the rabbit in dozens of sizes and hundreds of poses are on the list.


The most popular pose of the rabbit is where he is seen, like a chick just emerging from the shell of a big white egg. He is shown in several states of the process of getting out of the shell.

All kinds of creations in candy goods are to be seen, too. hens, chickens and ducklings, candy eggs, chocolate Bunnies make up the list. Egg dyes which are warranted to color the barnyard fruit of Mistress Cackle any desired hues are advertised.

Easter postcards are in interesting lot too. Sentimental ones are somewhat in evidence but the artistic kind prevail. Easter lillies, pictures of Easter choirs and many cute and quaint verses may be found on the cards that are set out everywhere.

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