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Two Canine Robinson Crusoes

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: March 21, 1903

Two Canine Robinson Crusoes

Fine Gordon Setters, Marooned on Duck Island Were Rescued on Friday

Animals Were Almost Starved

Supposed That They Had Been Left There Since Going Out of Ice 10 Days Ago

If it were part of a canine’s education to read Robinson Crusoe, two fine Gordon Setter dogs might consider their positino during the past ten days as similar to that of this famous adventurer.

On Thursday, some of the workmen employed on the Great Western elevator noticed two wolfish looking dogs skulking around Duck Island. The dogs appeared to be in desperate circumstances as they had evidently been imprisoned on the island since the ice went out, which was about ten days ago, and were afraid to brave the deep icy water which lay between them and the shore.

H.J. Bryson and Otto Foster, who are employed at the elevator were moved with pity at the sight of the poor beasts, who were howling with hunger and cold and a boat was procured and the dogs rescued. Mr. Bryson says the dogs were as “tickled as a seven-year old child on Christmas Day,” and were as grateful to their rescuers as human beings in like circumstances. After appeasing their appetites the freed prisoners scampered off not being anxious to remain in the vicinity of their bondage. It is not known who is the owner of the dogs. It is thought that the animals, which are valuable ones were tempted onto the island in pursuit of rabbit, on other game and the ice going out left them in a rather unenviable position. Judging from t heir actions the dogs must have been on the island for ten days or more.

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