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Was a Boy in Fort Dodge

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: April 9, 1903

Was a Boy in Fort Dodge

Willard, Specialty Artist, Known to Many in City

He showed Here This Week.

Act Consisted of Difficult Balancing Feats on Bicycle on Slack Wire.

Several years ago, Thomas Willard, Tom Willard, he was known in those days, was accustomed to do stunts in the back yard with a toy velocipede and a clothes line. At the Midland Monday evening, people wondered and applauded at the skillful act of the lithe young man who made a bicycle do incredible things on a slack wire. It was Tom Willard again, but grown to man’s estate, and recognized by few of the many who made up the audience.

The clothes line and the toy bicycle have given place to the genuine article, and Tom Willard is now prepared to go up against the best show people in his class.

Mr. Willard, with his wife, came to this city with the North Brothers, comedians, but Monday was his last appearance with the troupe. He severed his connection with the company to accept a position with a Palace water show, which is to play along the Mississippi this summer. He and his wife are now visiting in Algona.

The Willard family is still well remembered by many Fort Dodge people. The father was a plasterer by trade.

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