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Were Wedded After Lapse of Many Years

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: April 9, 1903

Were Wedded After Lapse of Many Years

Youthful Romance of Manson People Ends Happily After Ten years of Waiting.

Manson, April 9 – Some years ago, about ten if we are not mistaken, J.B. Benton wooed a young lady in Manson, Miss Mary Fluharty. The affection was returned, but for some reason the parents of the young lady objected to the marriage, and Mary being a dutiful girl, listened to the parental objection and told her lover that the wedding could not be consummated.

Years passed. Mr. Benton met another young woman, and married her. In the course of time the wife died. His first love remained single. He was located in Bosatt, Idaho.

He again offered his hand and heart and was accepted. Miss Fluharty went out to Idaho, and the marriage took place on the 2d of April.

After ten long years of waiting, love has been rewarded by its faithfulness. We occasionally read of such things, but it is not often they come home to us as in this case. Manson friends of Miss Fluharty, of whom she has many, congratulate her upon her happy marriage.

(Editor’s note: I have no idea what they meant by Bosatt, Idaho. I found a listing for Basalt, and of course there is Boise. Unless there is a ghost town of that name, I’m guessing one or the other of those two towns was meant.)

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