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The Fort Dodge Messenger: July 15, 1903

Happy Man of Fifty Years Takes a Bride of Sixteen

Unusual Wedding Ceremony to Take Place at Lehigh – Interested Persons are Both Well Known.

Autumn and spring will join hands to tread as one over life’s uncertain pathway, when Paul Jacobs and Elsie May Baldwin, both of Lehigh, take the vows which bind them as man and wife. The groom is a miner by occupation and has lived in the vicinity of Lehigh for a number of years. He is fifty years of age and h is bride is sixteen.

Mrs. (sic) Baldwin is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Baldwin, well known residents of Lehigh. The written consent of the girl’s parents was required before the clerk would issue the certificate which licenses them to wed.

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Historical Society Organized Last Night

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: June 26, 1906

Historical Society Organized Last Night

Shall Be Called Webster County Historical Society – Meeting July 10th.

Enthusiastic Meeting Held

Committee Appointed to Draw up Constitution and By-laws – it will be Affiliated With the State Historical Society at Des Moines.

A small, though very enthusiastic crowd of people interested in the organization of a local historical society met at the Baldwin studio last evening to discuss the feasibility of the venture. Captain H.M. Pratt acted as temporary president and chairman of the meeting and H.O. Baldwin as secretary. During the evening a motion, which all present were in favor of, towards exploiting the scheme, was passed and an organization was affected.

The early part of the evening was devoted to the discussion of the various plans as suggested by those present, a committee composed of the following members being appointed to draw up a constitution and by-laws:

Mrs. Johnathan P. Dolliver, Mrs. S.C. Carpenter, Rev. R.L. Breed and Captain H.M. Pratt, who was made chairman of the committee.

Arrangements for the next meeting which will also be an open one, on the evening of July 10th, were made. The meeting will again be held at the Baldwin studios, talks, illustrated by steroptican (sic) views preceeding (sic) the enrollment of the charter members of the organization.

The name decided upon for the society is the Webster County Historical Society, and membership to it will not be confined to the city, but will be granted to any resident of the county who is interested and willing to lend his or  her assistance in the interest of the society.

There are at present but eight societies in the state outside of the two state historical socities (sic). They are: Lucas and Decatur counties which were organized in 1901; Linn and Jackson counties organized in 1904; Washington and Poweshick (sic), organized in 1905; and Scott county organized about two months ago.

All these county historical societies are affiliated with the old state historical society, whose head quarters is at Iowa City. The Webster County Historical Society will also affiliate its organization with that of the state society, and will become an auxiliary member, at once, which will entitle it to one vote on all matters before the state board, and all historical publications issued by the state society.

At the close of the next meeting of the historical society five officers will be elected: A president, a vice president, a secretary, a treasurer and a curator.

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