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City Sued for Loss of Pup

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: July 13, 1906

City Sued for Loss of Pup

William Ault, Wants $250 For Pup Taken by the Dog Catcher.

Suit Filed in Court Today

Dog Was Without tag and was Taken on 27th of June – Suit an Unusual one – Will Come up for Trial at the Next Term of court.

State of Iowa, Webster County, ss.

William Ault vs. S.J. Bennett, M. Tullar and Ed. Smith.

The plaintiff for a cause of action against the defendants and each of htem states that on or about the 27th day of June, 1906, the defendant took and converted of the property of this plaintiff one certain Llewelyyn (sic) setter pup, named Outenie of the value of $250 (two hundred and fifty dollars to the plaintiff’s damage in said sum, wherefore plaintiff prays judgment against the defendants and each of them in the sum of $250 and costs.

The above petition was filed at noon today in the office of the clerk of courts. The  plaintiff, Ault, is a laborer residing at 806, 12th avenue south. It appears that the dog in question was picked up by the city dog catcher, Ed. Smith at the time named while without a tag and was promptly shot as is customary with all canines not bearing the stamp and seal that shows dog tax to have been paid. The suit is a very unusual one and no doubt much interest will be evinced in it through the city when it comes up for trail at the August term of court.

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