Wahkonsa Literary Society

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Wahkonsa Literary Society

The Fort Dodge Republican, Tuesday, Dec. 18, 1860

At call, the Wahkonsa Literary Society of Fort Dodge met at the Episcopal Church. On motion, Hon. J.M. Stockdale was called to the Chair for the evening. On motion, of Henry Ringland Esq., H. Beecher was elected Vice President; A.M. Dawley Recording Secretary; E.D.G. Morgan, Treas.; and T. Hawley Editor pro tem. After numerous suggestions by members present, the old Constitution and By Laws were re-adopted.

Society then proceeded, to the election of officers for the ensuing term. Maj. Wm. Williams was chosen Pres.; H. Beecher, Vice Pres.; A.M. Dawley, Secy.; W.G. Mitchell, Cors. Secy.; E.D.G. Morgan, Treas.; T. Hawley Editor. On motion, the following persons were elected members of the society: A. Booth, T. Hawley, J.H. Holloway, G.H. Blair, and Jas. W. Logan.

On motion, the Chair appointed a committee of three to revise the Constitution and By Laws. The Chair appointed E.D.G. Morgan, G.S. Ringland and J.H. Holloway.

After divers remarks, a motion to adjourn, carried. The Chair then announced the following order of business for the next meeting:

Question for debate,
Resolved, that the Constitution is a compact between the people of the United States. J.H. Holloway, G.H. Blair and G.S. Ringland to affirm; Jno. F. Duncombe, Henry Ringland and J.D. Burkholder to deny. The Chair then announced the meeting adjourned for one week.
J.M. Stockdale,
Chairman, pro tem.
A.M. Dawley,
Secretary, pro tem.
Fort Dodge, Dec. 14th, 1860.

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