The Fort Dodge Messenger: Sept. 2, 1903

Tom Thumb Wedding at the Christian Church Success

The Unique Entertainment Will Be Repeated This Evening Those Taking Part

The Tom Thumb wedding which was given at the Christian church on Monday night was a great success and is to be repeated again tonight. Mr. Tripp of Colfax, will read. There will also be solos by Professor Whiting of Tobin College, and Misses Parthena Carmichael, Vera Dohs, and Ruth Pinkerton.

The following are the names of the children who take part in the entertainment.

Paul Hogle
Ralph Tryon
Helen Flaherty
Bell Philips
Elliot Collson
Vivian Hogle
Francis Gates
Marie Kepner
Mabel Thompson
Hazel Griffin
Genet Conner
Bernice Tessler
Irene Smith
Marion Flaherty
Zerline Wigton
Edna Wigton
Eda Peterson
Helen Hoagland
Ruth Pinkerton
Roberta Carrol
Martha Fullerton
Vera Carter
Vera Tennant
Inez Berry
Myrtle Philips
Ella Johnson
Mary Nelson
Parthena Carmichael
Dorris Collson
Paul Corneilson
Fern Scott
Leon Brown
Robert Williams
Irwin Berry
Ralph Cornelysen
Elizabeth Fullerton
Blanche McDaniels
Ruby Peterson
Marie Tennant
Harold Schill
Harold McGlassen
Arthur Peterson
Joseph Carroll
Faber McFaddin
Harry McAlpin
Sammie Hancock
Vera Dohs
Gertrude Leighton
Francis Green
Lyle Colby
Fern McDaniel
Neva Gates
Minnie Heller
Maud Heller

(Editor’s note: I attempted to recreate the names exactly how they were in the original article. If any of the names are incorrect it is either a) a typo on my part or b) a typo in the original article.)


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