Mayor ‘Gainst Swimmin’

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: July 7, 1906

Mayor ‘Gainst Swimmin’

Posts Sign at the River Which Warns the Small Boys to Keep Away From the Stream


All persons are warned not to go in swimming within five miles above the city waterworks as the city’s jurisdiction extends that far.
S.J. Benett (sic)

The above notice posted at the river bank near the city waterworks has struck terror into the hearts of the small boys of the city who have been in the habit of taking an occasional plunge at any point along the river that their desire suggests. Complaints from residents living near the river has been the cause of hte posting of the sign, and on this occasion the mayor, though his jurisdiction usually extends only to the city limits has moved his authority line up the stream and barred the bathers entirely. The order will be strictly enforced too. The police have orders to arrest all violators.

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