Glorious Fourth Passed Quietly

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The Fort Dodge Chronicle: July 5, 1907

Glorious Fourth Passed Quietly

Majority of Fort Dodge Citizens Spent Day in Cooling Shade of Nearby Woods

The glorious Fourth passed off very quietly in Fort Dodge, and during the afternoon there were fewer people to be seen on the streets than on a Sunday. During the morning hours there was considerable celebrating, but by noon the greater number of the people had sought the cooling shade of the nearby woods.

The majority of the people who left the city celebrated the day at Manson and Lehigh, both receiving large delegations, all of whom report a very pleasant time. No accidents incident to the day occurred in any of the towns in this section of the state. The banks of the Des Moines and the Lizard were well lined with fishermen, although the water was exceedingly muddy as a result of the heavy rain the night preceding.

All of the merchants in the city except the druggists, cigar dealers and news dealers closed their places all day long, the dealers in ice cream were entirely sold out of the commodity before night. All in all the day was passed very quietly and pleasantly by the people of this city, there being not even the usual minor accidents reported to mar the pleasures of the day, barring the sad drowning of Carl Intermill during the early part of the morning.

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