County Jail Inmate Ill With Appendicitis

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The Fort Dodge Chronicle: July 3, 1907

County Jail Inmate Ill With Appendicitis

Has Been Confined to General Hospital But Has Improved and Will be Returned to Jail

Andrew Swadling, who was sentenced to serve six months int he county jail for the theft of a couple of rings and a few small articles from a room in the Union house last fall, has been confined at the general hospital for a few days, suffering from an attack of appendicitis. He is under the care of County Physician Mulroney.

His attack was very acute and for a time it was considered an operation was necessary but this was objected to so strongly by the prisoner he was given other treatment and has now so far recovered as to be able to return to the county jail, to which place he will be brought back within the next couple of days to complete his sentence.

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